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NuboMed Spotlights Smart Hospital Solutions Driving Clinical Confidence at Arab Health 2022

EventArab Health

2022-01-26 18:10:57

Smart Hospital Starts Here!

Starting from January 24, 2022, NuboMed is delighted to be exhibiting at Arab Health, the leading and largest medical exhibition in the Middle East, showcasing the latest innovations in healthcare. Arab Health is the leading medical equipment exhibition in the Middle East showcasing the latest innovations in healthcare. This year, the exhibition attracts over 100,000 attendees and 4,000 exhibiting companies. Along with a wide range of CME accredited conferences, Arab Health brings the healthcare industry together to learn, network and trade.

With new productivity features and functionalities, NuboMed demonstrates how our tech-enabled solutions meet multi-specialty needs and simplify clinical workflows, to collaborate seamlessly between departments. From 24 to 27 January 2022, you can come and visit us at booth S1.E70.

Technology highlights in Smart Hospital solutions at this year’s Arab Health includes:

The newest version of Medication Management Cabinet (M3000-MiproM3010-Gi,) key improvements in usability and efficiency, based on customer feedback. Enhanced by artificial intelligent and IoT technology, the cabinet tracks all the data of the whole process from ordering, receiving, dispensing, restocking and returning, to cycle counting. Our automated dispensing cabinets with high capacity covering all applicable departments within a smart hospital, providing a safe environment for medications of different form factors (ampoule, vial, box, bottles, etc.). The variety of drawers in size and type help manage different medication at different security levels. All stages of the medication can be recorded, including auto counting that eliminates nurse countback. The software system provides predictive and prescriptive analytics through BI Analytics and AI Analytics from the data collected by the terminals. By displaying all the analytical reports, the closed-loop data platform empowers you to gain a full view of your medication inventory with a dashboard view of your automated dispensing cabinets.

NuboMed also spotlights its new Medical Supply Management Cabinet – RFID (H1300i), designed to make medial supply management easier and efficient. By simply scanning the traditional barcode or RFID tags, the built-in RFID technology can capture lot number and expiration date, and automatically calculate what you’ve taken and for which patient, simplifying your processes for billing, re-ordering and EMR documentation. All transactions are recorded in real-time and accessible via the closed-loop data platform. In particular, it gives the decision-maker comprehensive visibility of spending trends to uncover new operational and financial risks or benefits, which get you closer to zero stock.

Illuminating the Path to Precision Care at Arab Health

We also showcase our Nurse Cart (X4000i) and Medicine Dispensing Cart (MDC) – S5000i, the latest smart medical carts from NuboMed to deliver high quality care for patients. The medical cart protects the patient in these 5 crucial areas. It ensures the delivery of medication to the correct patient, with the correct dose, with the correct drug, through the correct route and at the correct time. It can be equipped with an optional scanner and printer to meet the composite requirement for a full spectrum of functions in med dispensing, nursing and treatment process. Multiple verification through the Intelligent Closed-Loop Medication Management System ensures the accuracy of medication administration at the point of care.

This is a great opportunity to make connections with customers at the in-person trade show, which is bringing together hundreds of healthcare professionals from 60 exhibiting countries. We had more visitors to our stand during the first day of the exhibition and our products are treated with interest and respect. “With its focus on COVID-19 management and keeping the population safe, we have found that the Middle East has a positive outlook when it comes to adopting technologies.” Cliff Chen, our International Sales Director explained. “We have been able to make a great deal of progress on building up relationships with the Middle East during Arab Health this year. Today, NuboMed is a preferred partner for a number of healthcare providers, and it collaborates closely with its partners and clients to meet the industry’s evolving demands.

We’re thrilled to able to meet in person again, to re-engage face to face and continue discussions. Come experience our comprehensive range of products by visiting our booth S1.E70 at Arab Health 2022, 24-27, January!

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