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    • Intelligent Closed-loop Medication Management System
      • Medication Management Cabinet
      • Medication Management Cabinet-Glass Door
      • Medication Management Cabinet - Refrigerator
      • Controlled Substance Management Cabinet
    • Intelligent Closed-loop Medical Supply Management System
      • Medical Supply Management Cabinet - RFID
      • Medical Supply Management Cabinet - ISO Basket
      • Medical Supply RFID Room
    • Smart Medical Cart
      • Medical Cart
      • Treatment Cart
      • Nurse Cart
      • Medicine Dispensing Cart
      • Telehealth Cart
      • Virtual Visit Cart
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Accelerating the evolution of smart hospitals and empower them together with NuboMed

NuboMed is recognized as a leading manufacturer and provider of closed-loop hospital management systems around the world.

2,000 Medical Instit

100,000 Smart Device

NuboMed systems can be found in more than 2,000 medical institutions in China and more than 100,000 smart devices have been applied globally. NuboMed is THE top provider of medical carts, controlled substance management cabinets and medication management cabinets in China.


  • ExceptionalWe are recognized as a leading high tech solution provider for the new age of smart hospital, and as a result have won many domestic and global awards.
  • GenuineWe embrace the diversity of our global team, listen to the voice of each partner, support continuous growth with mutual respect. At NuboMed, we make each other great.
  • PersistentNuboMed dares to accept challenges, makes progress towards our vision, and invests heavily in developing our products and partners so that we can serve our customers better as we continue to advance the ideology of smart hospital building.
  • InvolvedAt NuboMed, your efforts and opinions matter. Everyone here contributes to realizing the vision of smart hospital building. You can enjoy meaningful works together with a team of passionate professionals.
  • InnovativeWe constantly update our design and technology to address the healthcare challenges. At NuboMed, we learn and improve every day.


  • NuboMed values the partnerships with our overseas business partners and agents, provides opportunities to succeed and grow together.
  • We continue to seek private and governmental associations, sales agents, and independent consultants.
  • Don't miss the unique opportunity to become a leading business partner in your country.

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