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Every hospital depends on a reliable pharmacy that provides medication and attentive healthcare assistance. Yet running a pharmacy is a complex undertaking. As an essential part of a care delivery system pharmacists do more than just dispensing medication. Burdened with manual and administrative tasks, it becomes easy to commit medication dispensing errors and diversion which leads to patient safety concerns, inventory waste and discrepancies. NuboMed’s pharmacy solutions offer a unified management system designed to eliminate manual transactions and documentation, creating an effective and secure medication management processes. Each drug item in the pharmacy is assigned a barcode by the suppliers, which includes each item’s name, description, expiration date, and batch information. Only an authorized pharmacist will have access to the medication available in the pharmacy. Through integration with the hospital information system, pharmacists log into the system to obtain a patient’s prescribed medication, review patient information and the doctor's prognosis to support the rights of medication administration. Thanks to the automatic counting technology, all the medications dispensed are recorded without any manual entry as soon as the pharmacist picks them. System also automatically sends replenishment orders from each ward or operating room to the pharmacy for the medication at or below the critical stock level or approaching their expiry date. Pharmacists can access orders remotely and replenish medications efficiently, which simplifies the communication of orders from remote wards or operating rooms to the pharmacy, allowing pharmacists to manage and prioritize the vast number of physician orders every day. Secure access is ensured with warnings and different management modes for medications of different types. For controlled substances, extra security control with dual authentication is configured to prevent single person drug dispense. Also, cold storage medications are ensured with continuous temperature/humidity monitoring. All medication movement activities on the system can be recorded; report of which can provide source data for BI analysis and full accountability of controlled substances’ movement from supplier, to the pharmacy and patient care areas, and back to the pharmacy.



Barcode-based Medication Safety

Maximizing safety and improving the quality of care is the ultimate goal of the hospital pharmacy. Barcode technologies provide the foundation for enhancing medication identification and efficiencies throughout the pharmacy.


Automatic Counting

Quantity is automatically detected and recorded in the inventory system when the user removes or returns the medications without any manual data entry.


Auto Inventory Count

Single dosage system automatically rotates inventory on a first-in, first-out basis and auto counts without manual entry requirement.


Lot Number Tracking & Expiry Date Monitoring

System allows products to be monitored electronically by lot number and expiry date, which reduces waste arising due to expiry management issues.


Electronic Workflow Management

Manage all phases of workflow efficiently – from inventory to prescription verification all the way till dispensing.


Optimum Stock Level

System automatically sends request to the pharmacy for the items at and below the par level. A medication’s par level is the minimum amount a department should have on-hand to meet its usage demand. It allows users to manage inventory by maintaining the optimum stock levels.


Closed-loop Traceability

Closed-loop management system works in real-time through integration with HIS, ERP, billing system and other hospital systems. This feature reduces the time spent on documentation, removes the manual billing process and track the 5 key information (Dose, Drug, Patient, Time, Route) more efficiently than ever.

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