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Intelligent Closed-loop Medication Management System

Intelligent Closed-loop

Medication Management System


IoT + Medication Safety

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Intelligent Closed-loop Medication Management System
Optimizes Clinician Workflow and Patient Care, at Every Point.

A manual and disconnected medication management system can influence all other areas of a healthcare system. The journey to a smart hospital will require a multilevel technology solution that transform how medications flow from distributors, across pharmacy, to the practical settings and ensures the right medications are delivered to the right patient at the right time with zero errors. That’s part of our medication management system, a combination of hardware, software, and technology-enabled platform to optimize medication management workflow, patient care so clinicians can spend more time on meaningful work.

Intelligent Closed-loop System for Visibility and Precision

Traditional ways to manage a wide range of medication are slow, complex and error-prone. On top of that, an outdated system takes precious time away from doing what you do best. NuboMed brings a new method combined with intelligent IoT terminals, software system, and closed-loop data platform.

The intelligent IoT terminals enhanced by artificial intelligent and IoT technology tracks all the data of the whole process from ordering, receiving, dispensing, restocking and returning, to cycle counting. Our automated dispensing cabinets with high capacity covering all applicable departments within a smart hospital, providing a safe environment for medications of different form factors (ampoule, vial, box, bottles, etc.) and items of different temperatures (cold storage medications, etc.). The variety of drawers in size and type help manage different medication at different security levels. All stages of the medication can be recorded, including auto counting that eliminates nurse countbacks. Together, these products and technology empower staffs to shift away from manual and error-prone tasks.

The software system provides predictive and prescriptive analytics through BI Analytics and AI Analytics from the data collected by the terminals. By displaying all the analytical reports, the closed-loop data platform empowers you to gain a full view of your medication inventory with a dashboard view of your automated dispensing cabinets and other intelligent IoT terminals. Available at no additional cost, the automation provides visibility into the potential indicators of controlled substances misuse across terminals. It sheds light on potential diversion issues, such as healthcare staffs who dispense drugs improperly, which gives you a greater peace of mind about the security of controlled substances in your facility.



Enhance Patient Safety

Eliminate inefficient and error-prone manual process through automatic counting and barcode scanning.


Increase Accuracy, Track Performance

All transactions are recorded in real-time and accessible via closed-loop data platform.


Rapid Access

Unique modules enable emergency access to medication as soon as possible.


Reallocate Clinician Time to Patient Care

Integration between our management system and the hospital systems remove steps from clinician workflow, reallocating time to patient care and improving patient prognosis.


Better Control Over Controlled Substance

Intelligent analytics increase scrutiny of potential drug diversion that can lead to patient harm.

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