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Inpatient Ward

  • General Ward | Intensive Care Unit (ICU) | Neonatal Intensive Care Unit(NICU)
  • Medication | Medical Supply
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Staff in inpatient ward struggle to balance quality patient care with daily safety, and operational challenges. As they move from one place to another to provide patient care, keeping up with the ever-present flow of medication and supply data can be a real challenge. NuboMed intelligently assists with daily nursing routines by employing easy-to-use medical carts, automatic dispensing cabinets and intelligent medical supply cabinets within a unified management system, that are configured and customized for each ward on the basis of number of beds, medication consumption patterns, medication management workflow and number of nurses in the ward. The solution reduces the workload of the nurses concerning the management of ward stocks. System sends information to the pharmacy for the medication at or below par level, eliminates inventory counting at the end of shift, ensures narcotic medication control and reports all the inconsistencies. Nurses can obtain immediate access to medications and medical supplies from the intelligent cabinets across the wards. Only authorized personnel can access items available on the intelligent cabinets, and each access is recorded. All kinds of medication activity on the system are recorded, and authorized users can turn these records into reports. Nurses reduce the time spent on documentation, eliminate manual billing and ensure consistent inventory thanks to our management system integration with HIS, ERP and billing systems. This ensures that physician’s orders and patient’s information are being validated by the pharmacist before the administration of the medication. Nurses can see the orders approved by the pharmacist directly at the point of care with PC on the medical carts. With advanced automatic counting technology, nurse can complete the picking action without the need to manually enter the quantity he/she actually took. Warning system alerts the user against potential errors before accessing the medication. This solution can be used with intelligent cabinets which offer greater capacity, so user can maximize medications and medical supplies storage in the same cabinet. The unified system connects all medications and medical supplies management data in a highly visible operational dashboard that enables nursing staff a real-time visibility to patients and targeted medications and medical supplies needed in the care providing areas, enabling them to proactively address issues ahead of time.



Automatic Counting

Quantity is automatically detected and recorded in the inventory system when the user removes or returns the medications without any manual data entry.


Auto Inventory Count

Single dosage system automatically rotates inventory on a first-in, first-out basis and auto counts without manual entry requirement.


Lot Number Tracking & Expiry Date Monitoring

System allows products to be monitored electronically by lot number and expiry date, which reduces waste arising due to expiry management issues.


Immediate Access to all Medications / Medical Supplies

All medications including controlled substances, cold storage medications and all medical supplies can be made available in the ward and be accessed immediately. Controlled access to the unit dose is provided for medications that require higher safety restriction requirement.


Deliver Care to the Bedside

Automatic dispensing cabinets extend the medication dispensing safety all the way to the patient’s bedside and ensure correct medication administration with the scanning of barcodes on the patient ID wristbands and medication.


Electronic Workflow Management

Manage all phases of the workflow efficiently – from inventory to prescription verification and accurate dispensing.


Closed-loop Traceability

Closed-loop management system works in real-time through integration with HIS, ERP, billing system and other hospital systems. This feature reduces the time spent on documentation, removes the manual billing process and track the 5 key information (Dose, Drug, Patient, Time, Route) more efficiently than ever.

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