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Intelligent Closed-loop Medical Supply Management System

Intelligent Closed-loop Medical

Supply Management System


IoT + Zero-Stock Medical Supply

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Intelligent Closed-loop Medical Supply Management System
Reduce Cost, Improve Efficiency, Benefit Patients

Healthcare institutions are continuously being challenged to manage inventories of medical supplies. These assets need to be maintained, monitored and tracked, and available when needed to support patient care. Relying on manual process such as Excel spreadsheets and other outdated tools to manage inventory is time consuming, inefficient and error prone. When healthcare workers have optimal workflows and medical supplies are completely secured and readily available, they have more time for bedside care - a key goal of a Smart Hospital.

NuboMed brings a real-time point-of-use inventory management solution that seamlessly links medical supplies to distributors, doctors, patients and monitors procedures. Intelligent closed-loop software adds Intelligent cabinets and RFID tags enhanced by artificial intelligent and IoT technology to further save cost, improve patient satisfaction, and enhance security.

Advance towards a Zero-stock Hospital

Medical supplies managers are under growing pressure to lower costs without sacrificing quality of care. With limited storage space and time, they face logistical challenges that have the potential to negatively affect workflow and healthcare quality, such as obsolete/expired items taking up valuable space, overstock due to the U/M (Unit of Measure) & case quantity restrictions.

By connecting medical supply inventory across the entire healthcare infrastructure with the distributors’ supply chain system, our solution can make sure that you’re purchasing as closely as possible to what you’re actually using. Lowering inventory costs while helping to avoid product expiration and overstock. The zero-stock strategy helps us keep inventory as lean as possible while ensuring the supplies needed for optimal patient care as always on hand.

Zero Stock Optimized for Efficiency

Nevertheless, the zero-stock strategy requires accuracy and visibility in supply chain management. Any imbalance between incoming and outgoing stock orders will lead directly to a stockout. Our ICMSMS simplifies and automates repetitive manual tasks performed within healthcare organizations in pursuit of a simple goal: achieve a more efficient and accurate supply chain process. The many benefits of software automation include streamlining inventory; minimizing waste; enabling timely, data-based decision-making; and reducing supply, labor and operational costs.

Advance Face ID with mask and fingerprint biometric technology allows user to take or return medical supplies without any human input or contact. By simply scanning the traditional barcode or RFID tags, the built-in RFID technology can capture lot number and expiration date, and automatically calculate what you’ve taken and for which patient, simplifying your processes for billing, re-ordering and EMR documentation. All transactions are recorded in real-time and accessible via the closed-loop data platform. In particular, it gives the decision-maker comprehensive visibility of spending trends to uncover new operational and financial risks or benefits, which get you closer to zero stock.



Secure Inventory, Cut Costs

Improve visibility of supply inventory to reduce cost, waste and stockouts.


Increase Operational Efficiency

Advance zero-stock, zero-error, data-driven workflow for maximum efficiency.


Usage Analytics

Gain a real-time view of usage trends for cost savings and safety.


Supply Chain Management

Keep inventory as lean as possible while ensuring the supplies needed for optimal patient care are always on hand.


Enhance Security

Keep high-value supply secure to reduce replacement costs and ensure access to supplies when and where they are needed for patient care.

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