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NuboMed is exhibiting at the 2022 Congress of the European Association of Hospital Pharmacists(EAHP)


2022-03-18 11:21:18


NuboMed, a leading global supplier of solutions for medication and medical supply management in healthcare environments, is looking forward to attending the European Association of Hospital Pharmacists (EAHP) Congress in Vienna, March 23-25. EAHP CONGRESS 2022 is the annual Congress of the European Association of Hospital Pharmacists, held every year in a different European Country. It is the largest congress organized by and dedicated to hospital pharmacy, its practices, technologies and players. "Changing role in a changing world" is the theme of the congress that will reunite in Vienna hospital pharmacists coming from Europe and abroad. During the conference, we’ll also be highlighting how automated solutions can close your loop.

Automation solutions for hospital pharmacies

Hospital pharmacies benefit from streamlined workflows and the efficient inventory that medication management offers. NuboMed’s pharmacy solutions offer a unified management system designed to eliminate manual transactions and documentation, creating an effective and secure medication management process. Medication Management Cabinet (M3000-Mi & M3000-Mipro) and Medication Management Cabinet – Safe(M3000-Si), with software systems, allows pharmacists to maintain an overview of the inventory management of medications storage and retrieval while controlling access and improving workflow. The fully integrated medication management software solutions also track medication dispensing from the central pharmacy to the patient.

hospital pharmacies

Automated nursing workflows for more patient safety

NuboMed intelligently assists with daily nursing routines by employing easy-to-use medical carts, medication management cabinet and intelligent medical supply cabinets within a unified management system, that is configured and customized for each ward on the basis of the number of beds, medication consumption patterns, medication management workflow and the number of nurses in the ward. Medications are stored centrally in an automated warehouse and then delivered to the hospital based on schedules and consumption. This results in optimised medication availability, data analytics, but most of all, it is possible to significantly reduce waste and the cost of stock.

Better control over controlled substances in OR

Controlled SubstanceManagement Cabinet stores controlled substances in a secured area and supports safe tracking and tracing of controlled substances through all steps of the workflow. Depending on the usage environment, different types of medicine bins can be selected and configured to accommodate a variety of dosage forms: vials, ampules, and syringes. The Controlled Substance Management Cabinet offers anesthetists easy access to medications and medical supplies in the operating room. Powered by the IntelligentClosed-loop Medication Management System (ICMMS), the solution provides the highest level of security. This solution helps to control access to medication, standardizes medication management.

operating room

Visit us at booth No. 21

This is Europe’s best opportunity to see our unique medication management and pharmacy automation solutions. We're looking forward to welcoming you to our stand at this year's EAHP Congress between March 23 to 25, 2022. Our team will be available throughout the entire congress to discuss how to close the loop in your medication management process. We’ll be happy to schedule a meeting with you during the conference: >>https://calendly.com/nubomed-intl/eahp-2022

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