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Peking University Shenzhen Hospital Looks for Intelligent Solutions to Improve Medication Management


2022-01-03 21:51:28

Peking University Shenzhen Hospital is a modern, comprehensive 3A-rated hospital providing clinical services, disease prevention and rehabilitation services as well as serving as a teaching and research base. It has been ranked No.1 in Shenzhen medical quality assessment for 14 years. The hospital has 1600-plus beds, and more than 3 million annual admissions.

Peking University Shenzhen Hospital has been relying on NuboMed technology since 2015 to support medication and medical supply management. As an innovative leader, it sought the most advanced technology to build a complete automation system.

The Challenge

An NuboMed customer for over 6 years, Peking University Shenzhen Hospital has given top priority to upgrades for new generation technology like IoT, AI. The hospital has always been looking for intelligent solutions to meet its growing needs for more accountability, efficiency and safety in medication and medical supply management. Aimed to be the best smart hospital in Shenzhen, it needed an automated system that was simple to use and would easily integrate with the hospital system.

The Solution

In 2015, the hospital worked with NuboMed to improve their overall management processes. Peking University Shenzhen Hospital’s goal was to adopt an intelligent closed-loop management system across all departments. To achieve that goal, they adopted NuboMed’s solutions including the following three steps: 1. Introducing different terminals to different departments, including warehouse, pharmacy, inpatient ward and operating room. 2. Deploying intelligent software systems on terminals across all applicable departments to collect medical data. 3. Forging a closed-loop data platform to produce real-time data and insights across workflows.

As a smart hospital builder, Peking University Shenzhen Hospital introduced most of NuboMed’s industry-leading innovations that have grown to cover most of the entire hospital to enhance efficiency, control, and safety across the care continuum.

The Impact

Within a short time, hospital staffs recognized significant improvements. As of now, hospital leaders have expanded it by introducing NuboMed’s smart terminals totaling up to 78 units covering inpatient ward, pharmacy, warehouse, and operating room. Staff and management level feedback have been overwhelmingly positive. NuboMed’s intelligent solutions met Peking University Shenzhen Hospital’s object by: (a). 75% reduction in manual administration work to eliminate errors while optimizing efficiency. (b). Reduce overall medication errors by more than 80% (c). Transferring efficiency increased by 33% (d). Medication and medical supply stock reduced by 87.6%.

With NuboMed’s closed-loop platform, hospital staffs can have near real-time data of all devices connected to the terminals deployed in the central pharmacy, nursing units, and at the bedside. Through BI analysis, it provides medication visibility, insights and alerts to optimize par levels, manage expiring medications, and help to make better decisions.

“Partnering with NuboMed has helped us transform into a smart hospital. The reporting, data analysis, and support capabilities through intelligent closed-loop management system allows us to have complete insight into every transaction that occurs at any point of care. It’s of a great benefit for our hospitals and for our organization.” Lu Hong, Director of IT center, Peking University Shenzhen Hospital

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