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Smart Hospital

Improve patient experience, reduce costs, increase efficiency through the Smart Hospital

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Envision a Smart Hospital with NuboMed

NuboMed envisions a smart hospital where our high-tech automation system provides closed-loop management, intelligent data and professional services that allows the medical staffs in delivering better patient care. Together with your help, we aim for the development of a new age of smart hospitals.

A New Path to Smart Hospital

The path to a smart hospital requires the use of high-tech solutions for all departments that optimize the management process of medications and medical supplies from suppliers to patients as well as patient experience from the moment of entry till departure.

NuboMed brings a new path through a closed-loop management system that includes one central server unit with various IoT terminals covering applicable departments of smart hospital such as warehouse, pharmacy, inpatient ward, operating room and laboratory. Data are collected by intelligent IoT terminals, analyzed by intelligent software system and displayed by closed-loop data platform, which provides a full view of the process for the decision-makers.

Usher In a New Era
in Healthcare Management

NuboMed's smart hospital ideology is a direct remedy to the tough challenges faced in the current hospital medication and supply management providing a closed-loop and connected management system.

Instead of spending more time on clinical activities that benefits the patient directly, medical staffs struggle with inefficiencies, med safety issues, management hardship and difficulty in complying with laws and regulations. Even with the implementation of some other management equipments, there are often still cases of medication error and wasted efforts due to the amount of human interactions that's required by these systems.

By connecting the medication management system and medical supply management system together through unified catalogue, unified platform, unified terminals, unified personnel, unified accounting, and unified system, NuboMed presents a new and highly standardized management model, which maximizes the benefits and minimizes the cost.

NuboMed's Fast Track to a Smart Hospital includes the Following Solutions

  • Intelligent Closed-loop Medication Management System

    Medication management cabinet with systems optimizes clinician workflow and patient care, at every point.

  • Intelligent Closed-loop Medical Supply Management System

    Performance-driven intelligent closed-loop medical supply management system that reduces costs, improves efficiency, and optimizes inventory control.

  • Smart Medical Cart

    Customize a mobile workstation on wheels to meet the clinical workflow. NuboMed medical carts are designed to optimise the patient care process.

NuboMed drives positive change to the following applicable departments

  • Pharmacy

  • Inpatient Ward

  • Operating Room

Start Your Journey as a Smart Hospital Builder Today

NuboMed is a leading high-tech solution provider for the new age of smart hospital. Our goal is to transform every department, every dose of medication and every unit of medical supply into real-time electronic data on a closed-loop management system. Our system allows the medical staff to make decisions with more precision, less errors and improved safety level. Centered around patients, we hope everyone can benefit from our products.

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