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4 Big Reasons Why Our Customers Love Smart Medical Carts

ProductsSmart Medical Cart

2022-07-29 17:51:14

When it comes to knowing what healthcare staff wants in medical mobile computer workstations, we have heard from thousands of nurses, doctors, and other healthcare staff who have used smart medical carts. We have collected years of customer interactions and feedback to build the 5 stand-out reasons customers love about NuboMed Smart Medical Carts.

1. Height Adjustment

Workplace ergonomics is pivotal to staff safety and productivity. Fatigue can lead to errors in patient care, diagnosis, and medication administration. The height adjustment feature on our medical cart enables staff to change the height of the desktop with ease. Sturdy and smooth adjustment supports the weight of the frame and all accessories. Height adjustment also facilitates better doctor-patient interaction, which improves health outcomes. Nurses can lower the computer screen to the patient for recovery education.

2. Smart Storage

Our smart medical carts are customizable with a wide range of smart storage solutions. Taking into account the different storage space requirements of different facilities, we have different standard cart models. We can also incorporate drawers to keep things specific to your facility, including medications, and medical supplies. We also offer a variety of accessories combined for a full spectrum of functions in medication dispensing, nursing, and treatment processes, including attachments for barcode scanners, printers, sharps storage, IV bags, and trays.

3. Safe and Maneuverable

Our multi-surface casters are engineered to be well-balanced and easy to maneuver. They swivel easily for turns around tight corners and are lockable for safety while the user is serving the patients. The top-quality handles are racing inspired aesthetically designed, which won an International Design Award. Lightweight and compact, it’s easy for nurses to maneuver from all angles.

4. Long-Lasting Battery Life

We have developed a high-capacity lithium battery with a proven engineering design that ensures 8 hours of operation time or more. The batteries are secured with triple protection: self-protection program, patented battery system and CE, RoHS, and other international authoritative organization certifications. The hop-swappable batteries and hidden cable design minimize disruptions to staff and patients.

5. 5G & Healthcare: Connected, Personalized, and Intelligent

By combining 5G with other leading-edge technologies like AI and IoT, we transformed many aspects of existing patient care, while catalysing new ones, such as telehealth, remote surgery, data communication, and even tracking patient movement inside the facility using wearable devices for real-time monitoring. Delivering continuous treatment information and support to patients.

Select a High-Quality Smart Medical Cart with NuboMed

At NuboMed, while we have various standard medical cart models designed to meet many functions and departments, we can also provide a bespoke solution that combines drawers, accessories, and features to suit your specific requirements.

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