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At Chaophraya Abhaibhubejhr Hospital, Pharmacy Accelerates Pharmacy Performance


2022-01-30 14:35:02

Chaophraya Abhaibhubejhr Hospital is known for its first building which was constructed in 1909 in Baroque architecture with stucco and currently houses the "Thai Traditional Medicine Museum". Now it is the leading traditional Thai medicine hospital of Prachinburi Province, Thailand and is classified by the Ministry of Public Health as a regional hospital.

Finding the Right Partner

Medication security and workflow efficiency were crucial to the medication delivery process in pharmacy. Chaophraya Abhaibhubejhr Hospital was using a legacy medication management system even for the controlled substances. Nurses who were responsible for organizing narcotics prepared prescribed medications to use each day and kept them in the traditional medication carts with lock. Compounding the inefficiency problem was the fact that errors occurring during the process. The right medication storage solution to match the hospital’s needs was a critical decision. The hospital was seeking a solution that would offer security and ease of use combined with outstanding customer service.

After NuboMed’s partner demonstrated the Medication Management Cabinet’s capabilities, the team opted to go ahead with the installation. Our team provided step-by-step support and assistance during the installation period. The hospital noted that the process was seamless and smooth, and the training received was effective and efficient.

Secure and Efficient Solution

Safe and secure dispensing is paramount, and Medication Management Cabinet is designed to reduce the risk the medication errors and provide secure storage with proper safeguards. Available on different storage modules, are features such as unit dose dispensing, light guidance technology, automatic counting technology and near expiry, and low-stock alert. All medications are stores in a controlled, locked, and traceable environment with visibility for the pharmacy to control inventory via the intelligent closed-loop medication management software system.

Controlled substances are secured with dual authentication for removal, waste, return or override. Further, the software tracked all the activities to protect against diversion and provide visibility and data analytics. Nurses and pharmacy staff appreciate the automatic counting modules and the closed-loop software system as they help drive efficiency into the workflow with inventory visibility and intuitive user interface.

Medication dispensing can be done with a few simple steps, only 1/3 of the time when compared with the traditional manual operation. The hospital has been using NuboMed’s solution for more than six months, and are pleased with its performance. “We appreciate very much the speed and stability of the instrument, as well as its small size and easy of maintenance.”

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