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Chi Mei Medical Center Achieves 24/7 Access to Prescription Medications with ICMMS


2022-01-04 09:52:59

Chi Mei Medical Center is a modern, fully equipped hospital with more than 1,288 beds capacity. As the largest integrated health care system in the Yunlin-Chiayi-Tainan area, the hospital provides high quality health services to more than 2 million patients.

Chi Mei Medical Center was recognized with National Quality Award in 2002. The hospital puts the health of the southern Taiwan population on top, aims to offer safe and quality medical care, promotes health and well-being of staff and the community, and educates outstanding medical professionals. Its overriding goal is to provide the best health care services to our patients.

As an important medical center in the southern Taiwan area, the pharmacists and nurses in Chi Mei Medical Center were burdened with manual and administrative tasks every day. Managing medications was a critical part of patient care—staff can't afford to waste time or make mistakes. Having immediate and secure access to what patients need took precedence at the point of care. It was the continuous expansion that finally gave the hospital leaders the opportunity to update their medication management system across the wards. For hospital, pharmacists, or nurses, success for each role starts with streamlining the medication dispensing process that offers patients 24/7 access to prescription medications and liberates pharmacists.

For Chi Mei Medical Center and its staffs, the search was on for a partner that could ensure 24/7 access to patient medications without depending on the pharmacy's opening and closing times. After some deliberation, NuboMed’s Medication Management Cabinet was their final choice. When the manager was asked about the reason, he replied, “The automatic counting technology and closed-loop traceability is exactly what we wanted and it was extremely easy to operate.”

After the hospital made the decision to go with NuboMed, implementation became the next step. They wanted minimal unplanned downtime so as to minimize disruption of existing operations and make the most of internal resources through comprehensive planning. To help achieve this, our professional services team worked with the hospital to deliver an execution plan. Even with issues that occurred during deployment and runtime, we worked together and got it done on time.

Since Chi Mei Medical Center started using NuboMed, one of the most beneficial aspects according to the hospital staffs, would be the ability to handle up to 100% of patient medications with the cabinets to increase medication safety, reduce missing doses, and decrease restock times. Nurses is able to offer patients 24/7 access to prescription medications, ensuring the medications needed for optimal patient care are always on hand.

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