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EAHP 2022: Pharmacy Automation Technologies that Support Your Smart Hospital


2022-03-25 09:56:55

From 23 March 2022, the NuboMed team is excited to attend the 26th Anniversary European Association of Hospital Pharmacists (EAHP) Conference. The conference will be held from March 23-25, 2022, in Vienna. "Changing role in a changing world" is the theme of the congress that reunites in Vienna hospital pharmacists from all around Europe.

We have a booth at Stand 21, Hall X2 surrounded by some of the most innovative healthcare companies in the business. We can offer thousands of pharmacists demonstrations of how automation can support your hospital pharmacy with automatic counting technology, unit dose dispensing, inventory optimization, and point of care solutions.

A brief on the products on display at EAHP 2022

The three-day event is a perfect opportunity to show our new line-up of world-class products like MedicationManagement Cabinet (M3000-Mi)MedicationManagement Cabinet – Glass Door (M3000-Gi), including the new features of our Intelligent Closed-loop Medication Management System ( ICMMS). It offers many possible configurations for medications of different form factors (ampoule, vial, box, bottles, etc.) and items of different temperatures (cold storage medications, etc.). For controlled substances, extra security control with dual authentication is configured to prevent single-person drug dispense. All stages of the medication can be recorded, including auto counting which eliminates nurse countbacks. Together, these products and technology empower staff to shift away from manual and error-prone tasks. So far results have been very promising, the system being responsive, effective, and most importantly, safe.

We see opportunities for the use of its technology in healthcare, especially in medication management. There has been great support and an excellent reception from the attendees. Many visitors joined our stand to discuss and experience our products. We promoted our solutions with industry leaders from all over the world! If you attended EAHP  but didn’t get a chance to stop by our booth, you can still get a demo of NuboMed today! Visit https://calendly.com/nubomed-intl/eahp-2022 to request a demo today! Stop by our stand #21. Catch us before the event is over!

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