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Another very successful Arab Health meeting!

EventArab Health

2023-02-03 12:51:12

The world’s second-largest healthcare trade show, Arab Health 2023 attracts more than 40,000 attendees from more than 185 countries across the world. From Jan 30 to Feb 2, NuboMed team exhibits at the conference in S1 E70, to discuss current and potential global relationships and trends.

Arab Health 2023 features nine product sectors, showcasing the latest technology and innovation in disposables, orthopedics, healthcare and general services, imaging, medical devices, IT, wellness and prevention, and infrastructure and assets. The theme for this year's edition of Arab Health is "Innovation and Sustainability in Healthcare." With more than ten years of experience in innovative solutions and novel technologies for smart hospital management, NuboMed presents on this topic. This is the best opportunity to see our unique medication management and hospital automation solutions.

NuboMed launches the newest version of Countertop Medication Management Cabinet (M3000-Ti). Our automated dispensing cabinets with high capacity covering all applicable departments within a smart hospital, providing a safe environment for medications at a small footprint.  The variety of drawers in size and type help manage different medication at different security levels.  All stages of the medication can be recorded, including auto counting which eliminates nurse countback.  The software system provides predictive and prescriptive analytics through BI Analytics and AI Analytics from the data collected by the terminals.

Cooperated with Midea Biomedical, we develop the smart drawers with refrigeration and provide an ideal cold storage environment for medical institutions. Air-Cooled Refrigeration Technology is used for the storage and protection of temperature sensitive samples, vaccines, longitudinal study samples, important medical research samples, valuable pharmaceutical products, clinical trial samples.

We also showcase our E-Series Smart Medical Cart, the latest smart medical carts from NuboMed to deliver high quality care for patients, which features lightweight and compact, easier to maneuver; The weight of E-Series Smart Medical Cart is 23% lighter than that of the S-Series. The medical cart protects the patient in these 5 crucial areas. It ensures the delivery of medication to the correct patient, with the correct dose, with the correct drug, through the correct route and at the correct time. It can be equipped with an optional accessories to meet the composite requirement for a full spectrum of functions in med dispensing, nursing and treatment process.

Our exhibition was a huge success and one thing that continues to please us is how the Arab Health meeting gets bigger and better every year! We would like to say a big thank you to everyone that visited us and we look forward to welcoming you again next year.

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