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A Recap to NuboMed Exhibition at MEDICA 2022


2022-11-16 18:11:11

This November, one of the highlights in our exhibition calendar, will see us return to the Messe, Dusseldorf for the world's leading meeting, MEDICA. As the leading international meeting for the medical community, MEDICA in Dusseldorf offers a comprehensive overview of the latest technological advancements in the healthcare sector. It invites at least 5500 companies to exhibit at MEDICA 2022. Close to 120,000 trade professionals will join the event in search for the newest in outpatient and clinical care.

At this year’s Medica, we have a booth at Hall 9, C52. With more than ten years of experience in innovative solutions and novel technologies for smart hospital management, NuboMed presents on this topic. This is Europe’s best opportunity to see our unique medication management and hospital automation solutions.

All meetings and activities at the NuboMed booth took place in a cozy, friendly atmosphere. Our guests spent time with benefits, and we have received positive feedback from hospital customers already working with our devices. In addition, we’ve communicated with newcomers and presented the advantages of operating on our new products.

Most Discussed Features

1. Closed-Loop smart hospital solution 

 NuboMed brings a new path through a closed-loop management system that includes one central server unit with various IoT terminals covering applicable departments of smart hospital such as warehouse, pharmacy, inpatient ward, operating room and laboratory. Data are collected by intelligent IoT terminals, analyzed by the intelligent software system, and displayed by a closed-loop data platform, which provides a full view of the process for the decision-makers.

2. Close the medication management system from pharmacy to wards and to patient bedsides

 Medication Management Cabinet offers secure storage environment to different types of items including ampule, vial, pouch, syringe, and box. The smart drawer offers flexible options - including unit dose dispensing module and weight sensor bins. Unit dose dispensing modules ensure user access to only the selected item, dose and quantity based on the physicians’ orders, which is ideal for controlled substances. Weight sensor bins are equipped with automatic counting technology and individual LED display. Through unit dose dispensing technology, automatic counting technology, and automated medication dispensing system, the automated dispensing cabinet removes redundant workflow and increases medication safety and security. Through a powerful combination of automation and data intelligence, our easy-to-use smart medical carts works hand-in-hand with workflows and systems that clinicians face in different applicable departments every day. With fewer errors, more time for patients, and user-friendly analytics, nurses can focus on healthcare quality improvement and safety.

3. Advance towards a zero-stock hospital 

 By connecting medical supply inventory across the entire healthcare infrastructure with the distributors’ supply chain system, our solution can make sure that you’re purchasing as closely as possible to what you’re actually using. Lowering inventory costs while helping to avoid product expiration and overstock. The zero-stock strategy helps us keep inventory as lean as possible while ensuring the supplies needed for optimal patient care as always on hand. Medical Supply Management Cabinet – RFID is thoughtfully designed to keep high-value supplies secure yet easily accessible, especially for implantable supplies, critical tools or surgical kits in the operating room. Combined with software system, the whole process is tracked and monitored, which can achieve a full closed-loop traceability through the one code for one item system. A single integrated auxiliary (i.e., without terminal) is also available.

Medica was the right place and time to be present at this phase of the project’s progress. We had an excellent opportunity to spread the idea and communicate our solutions to the healthcare industry, which was achieved well in the four days of the exhibition!

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